The Hollow Center: Gaslighting in America's Schools

Dr. David Steiner will offer a robust diagnosis of the health of America’s K-12 school system. Dr. Steiner’s overall argument will be three-fold:

We have built (partially intentionally) the system for failure – and that’s what we have produced.
We have become tired of failure – but instead of remedying the situation, we have decided that academic performance isn’t all that important.
We have lost our sense of why education is so vital – not simply economically, but in terms of human values.

Dr. Steiner will include some data, controversial arguments, and personal anecdotes from his time as NYS Commissioner of Education.

Dr. David Steiner

Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy

David Steiner

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

The Future in the Present! Early Childhood Learning, The Basis of Innovation

You can’t be a serious innovator unless you are ready, willing and able to seriously play’.
Michael Schrage

Children, particularly those in the Early Years, are the world’s greatest innovators! Innately curious, complex and fascinating, they are the pioneers for the future of learning. Childhood is a complex and fascinating story, and an untapped rich seam of unbound learning that has the potential to pave the way for an appropriate diversity of learning across all ages. In a time of rapid advances in technology, a changing educational landscape, the concept of learning space design and an exploration of what it means to be human, following the youngest children’s learning strategies will deepen our understanding of the future of education as it happens today. If we only stand aside for a while and watch them in action, we might harness this approach to both expand and accelerate children’s learning and have an authentic impact on the future!

Pam Mundy

Executive Director, Pam Mundy Associates Ltd

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Learning Design for a New Era

Hear the lessons learned from hundreds of school visits, webinars, and workshops to explore the essential ingredients for powerful learning design. Fish is not presenting the answer. Rather, his ideas will serve as an invitation to a spirited conversation among participants. This session is for all.

Tim Fish

Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS – National Association of Independent Schools

Tim Fish

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Teaching Everything At Once

It seems that teachers have to do it all – be content experts, brain-based instructional designers, deliverers of SEL & E&I practices, ed-tech whizzes, and globally-engaged leaders. While the need to be all these things may be real, actually achieving this seems downright impossible. But there is a way.

In this workshop, Kevin Costa will lead an interactive session where attendees will understand how to take the curriculum they already teach and design learning experiences that “light up” several competencies at once. Ideally, attendees should see that the many skills teachers are charged to deliver should not be separate practices from subject matter. Instead, designing for holistic competency education requires pedagogical methods that can deliver 21st-century skills and provide deep disciplinary learning.

Kevin Costa

Director of LifeReady, McDonogh School

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

From portrait of a graduate to portrait of a learner: Looking back to look ahead

The future of learning, with the shift in economy and technology, brings a shift in goals for education. These new goals are represented across an abundance of frameworks, alongside which requires a similar shift in our pedagogical approaches. At LVP we have developed a ‘Portrait of a Learner’ model to: frame these complex skills as research-based learner factors; place them within a whole-learner framework showing how they are connected to other key learner factors across the whole learner and; provide strengths and research-based pedagogical practices that take these connections into account to support deeper learning and engage and prepare students to be empowered learners for the future ahead.

Alison Shell

Senior Research Scientist, Digital Promise

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.