CANCELLED: A new Digital Frontier: Web 3.0 and EDU

Web 3.0 and the Future of EDU: This 45 minute keynote presented by Marcos Navas, founder of Hands on Coding and, will explore the impact and potential of Web 3.0 on the education system. The keynote will delve into the new opportunities and challenges presented by the rise of decentralized technology, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and the metaverse, and how they will shape the future of education. Navas will provide insights and perspectives on how educators, students and institutions can best prepare for and leverage these emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Get ready to dive into the exciting future of education and how Web 3.0 will shape it.

Marcos Navas

Educator, Speaker, Teacherpreneur,  Hands on Coding

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Building a Culture of Thinking with AI Tools

How can the tools of AI (Artificial Intelligence) deepen understanding in our classrooms? Project Zero practices can put AI tools in the service of deep thinking, growing classroom cultures where AI supports inquiry and reflection, while building student agency and ethical decision-making. Participants will explore the complexities of a variety of AI tools with maker-centered learning strategies and a deep learning approach. This workshop is suitable for middle school and high school educators. No prior experience with AI required.

Carole Geneix

Director of Teaching and Learning (6-12),  Washington International School

Jaime Chao Mignano

Director of EdTech & Innovation, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.